Rosemary from Morgan VT on Wed, April 25, 2012: 12.30 pm: Sorry I cannot attend the jewelry party Sunday; promised R I would attend the UCC spring meeting in Newport. Hope you have a great party!

B. Obama from Washington D.C. on Mon, January 9, 2012: 05.58 pm: Ethel, I need you in the white house

Al Wooley from Morgan, VT on Mon, January 9, 2012: 02.10 pm: Will this work?

Kazelmzl from on Mon, July 20, 2009: 09.22 am: Hi webmaster! skv

jane whitman from asheville, NC on Sat, March 7, 2009: 01.47 pm: I\'m impressed. Loved the history of the clan and loved ilene with the horses and the view down to the lake. That\'s really spectacular.

jane whitman from asheville, NC on Sat, March 7, 2009: 01.21 pm: Love the front page! Can\'t wait to see the rest....

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Adlai Boyd from Montreat, NC on Sun, December 21, 2008: 01.06 am: Wail, I don\'t quite understand everything (including something known as the \"Kingdom of Kublekax,\" but your home appears both beautiful and spacious, and I must say it reminds me a little of the Douglas Homestead in Florida. Ilene, your family appears to be a happy, healthy bunch, as do you, riding horses, yet, and living in the frozen wastelands of Vermont. That\'s a bit tough for a Florida girl, eh wot? I also have to say that your website is one of the most unique I\'ve visited in quite a while. Congratulations, cheers, and Notary Sojac!

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